Moto Memories: Going green

Photo: Nick Nicholls Collection at Mortons Archive

With the entries for both the full Scottish Six Days Trial and the Pre-65 two-day version now closed, the trip to the Highlands is uppermost in many trials riders’ minds.

Having a glance through Nick Nicholls’ SSDT archive brought to light this great shot of Peter Salt in the 1975 SSDT. Nick caught him in brilliant sunshine tackling Bradileig on day three.


Peter was part of the Kawasaki team that year along with Don Smith and the popular filler rider AN Other.

In fact there were two other riders on Kawasakis that year, K Kitchener and PM Evans – does anyone know if either of the two were drafted into the Japanese manufacturer’s team?

Like the majority of the trial entries Peter is resplendent in a TT Leathers’ Ruffryda Vystram suit.


Thanks to Len Thwaites, colour had come to at least the start of an off-road event and while resembling the old fashioned waxed cotton gear, the new stuff was easily washed off at the end of a trial and was available in a range of colours, allowing not just team riders to colour co-ordinate themselves, but us club riders too.

Peter finished the week on 280 marks and gained a first class award.

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