• Multi-use Triumph

      My Triumph started life as a bathtub T100A from 1961, polychromatic blue. I know the colour as I chipped a bit of paint off

  • Pre-65 Scottish

    It is that time of the year when classic trials riders’ thoughts turn towards the Highlands of Scotland and the Pre-65 Scottish Two Day Trial,

  • Onward and upward for Galloway MCC

        Galloway Motorcycle Club’s Classic Grand National MX at Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries has spurred the club on to greater efforts for 2019. With

  • Italian mini stallion

    Some nations seem to exude certain qualities almost as a national stereotype – we British have our stiff upper lip and our ‘complain dear boy?

  • Fabulous at 50!

                        Brace yourselves, as you’re about to read an unashamed spot of trumpet-blowing for Classic Dirt

  • Mix and match

    In the motorcycle world there are any number of reasons to create a special with components from various sources. These reasons range from ‘couldn’t afford

  • 2018 AMCA/Classic Dirt Bike British Classic Motocross Championship

    It’s been a hectic year for the CDB backed scrambles series as riders charged up and down the country to events across the UK. There

  • Building on success

    The Seventies: the world was changing, MX had come along and only the die-hards called it scrambling and bemoaned the fact this foreign takeover of