Wrong one

I enjoyed the archive feature in issue 52, the motorcycle shows in those days really were multi-discipline and the top off-road riders of the day would go along as guests.

The early electric bike trials on an indoor course created from a few yards of dirt, some rocks and shrubs from the local garden centre, was a popular thing for them to be photographed on.

I have to say it is more than likely Gordon Adsett did try the trials course, we all did at one point, but your picture is of Gordon’s brother Derek.


The brothers do look very alike though.

Barrie Rodgers

Southern Trial: October 21, 1962 – Gordon Adsett on a 250cc Greeves. He only lost nine marks and won the 250 class cup

Barrie, I should have realised actually as I know both Gordon and Derek.


In those days the prints had a typed label stuck to the reverse and the label had dropped to the bottom of the box. Tim

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