The Classic Dirt Bike Experience

Imagine the car is a large rock!

For example, if you imagine the car to be a large rock then lining your motorcycle up to attack it square on is important and the procedure is just the same as it would be for a large rock. Accelerate towards the obstacle in second gear, once the front wheel is over the lip of the boot, or 'rock', ease the throttle and allow the momentum to carry bike and rider up the slope/rear window. Once on the top of the car/rock accelerate gently down the front window/slope, blipping the throttle before the front wheel leaves the bonnet. This stops the front end tucking under and pitching the rider over the bars. As a certain furry advert character would say… 'simples'… for more extreme fun… add a sidecar that is as wide as the car…

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What can we come up with for the show in October?


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