Postponed Events: It’s on hold

With events we would have featured having been cancelled or postponed in 2020, here’s a glance at what has been, and a reminder of what will be in 2021.

Words and pics Tim Britton Media Ltd

It seems as though I’ve started every feature with a reference to the current pandemic causing problems around the world.


Events, shows and gatherings of all types have been put on hold, though as this is written there are signs of a beginning of a return to some kind of normality, though it does seem the world will be different to what it was.

Ordinarily, we would have been at three events for this issue – the brilliant Scottish Grand National Classic Scramble at Drumlanrig Castle, the Highland Classic Two Day trial on the Alvie estate near Aviemore, and Bultaco Nostalgia in Cumbria.

All three of these events have been postponed but will go ahead in 2021.


Meanwhile, enjoy our selection of pics from previous years and for the full feature on each event seek out our back issues.

Drumlanrig 2019 – May 16-19

The magnificent Drumlanrig Castle welcome the Galloway MCC to their grounds for the annual Scottish Grand National Scramble.

Throwing up a plume is James Thompson, part of Team JAP assembled by and brought over from Northern Ireland by Cecil Pearson and always a crowd pleaser when the vintage JAP motors are flying flat out, generally at the head of the pack.
The first corner is always fun… for spectators at least, as riders tend to bunch up until they have a lap of so to spread out in. If it’s going to happen it generally happens on the first corner…
…no matter which class is out racing.

With a track laid out below the imposing castle – finished in 1691 – is there a better setting for a scramble?

With classes for the full range of classic scrambles the action is continuous throughout the long weekend. Guest of honour, four times world MX champion Heikki Mikkola was on hand for all the duties such guests have to perform and thoroughly enjoyed his part in this spectacular event.

There are numerous trade stands offering all sorts of bits and pieces, we took this pic after set-up but before opening of the track which is why it’s quiet.
The Miller Equipe do a bit of fettling before going back out on the track. “Only got the bike the other day,” says Graham, “B25 frame I was told and a 500 engine.”

For details on 2021 watch out for our news pages and check for information.


Highland Classic Two Day –June 8/9, 2019

“You want to do a what on my land?” “A trial with motorcycles please, Laird Jamie.” “Well,let’s see how it goes…”

It goes very well and the Alvie Estate welcome the Inverness & DMCC Ltd back each year to enjoy the hospitality of the area.

Special guest, 1979 world trials champion, Bernie Schreiber who was having his first ride in Scotland since winning the 1982 SSDT on an SWM. Martin Mathews provided Bernie with a TL320 SWM for the weekend.
Yrjo Vesterinen is another former champion – three times world trials champion – who enjoys the challenge of the current Pre-65 scene, with a well sorted BSA Bantam.
Bernie Schreiber tackles some of the wetter sections in the trial and shows he is still capable of riding even though he is more of an occasional competitor these days.
The IDMCC hit on the idea of ‘signature riders’ rather than ‘guest riders’ as ‘guest’ suggested they got in for nowt… they don’t, they just get a name board rather than a number board. So, this is signature rider Nick Jefferies, on a Bantam.
Richard Allen helps keep the wheels of the trials world moving through his Allen’s Used Trials Spares business. He’s also more than good on whatever he chooses to ride – here he’s on a Gori.

A two-day trial, with classes for Pre-65 and twinshock motorcycles is held over two laps each day with a variety of terrain.

Each year there is a theme and an appropriate guest, which for 2020 should have been Edition Fantic and Jaime Subira respectively.

If you go down to the woods today… you’re unlikely to see Gary Younghusband as this was taken last year… the Castleside club rider is a handy lad on his Bultaco. Dare we say just as his dad David was too in his day?
Kevin Chapman grits his teeth and points his Triumph at the rocks making up the final group of sections. Kevin is a regular up at Alvie and other Scottish events like the SSDT.

We understand Jaime will be in Alvie for 2021. Meanwhile, have a look back at 2019: Edition SWM and guest star Bernie Schreiber.

Bultaco Revival Nostalgia TrialJune 15, 2019

Since bursting onto the scene in late 1964, the Bultaco Sherpa has held a special place in the hearts of trials riders.

So much so the Westmorland MCC created an event purely to commemorate the Spanish Marque. It attracted a host of Bultaco names from all parts of the trials world, as our line-up pic shows.

John Reynolds was one of the last Comerfords Bultaco riders in the 1980s.
Fronted by Oriol Bulto – factory team boss and top rider himself – is a line-up of Bultaco notables. From the left, Jaime Puig, Ignatio Bulto, Yrjo Vesterinen (hidden behind Oriol) Bernie Schreiber, Charles Coutard and Javier Cucurella. Standing are Manuel Soler and Nigel Woolford.
Part of the Bulto family and more than capable of winning world rounds, Manuel Soler keeps his feet up in a tight section.
Nigel Greenwood gets a little crossed up on his Bantam.

Of course other marques are allowed too, but…

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