Opportunity to take on Miller products business

In July 2007, Sammy Miller Products was taken over by Richard Jordan and Jackie Drake who used their vision to implement a 10-year plan to modernise the business and create a bespoke website for simple international transactions. In this they succeeded to the extent of 60% of sales being overseas. However, due to family commitments and semi-retirement and with the support and backing of Sammy Miller himself, they have decided it is time to sell the business.

The classic brand comes with over 60 years’ knowledge and running experience and over 4000 special items including bespoke component jigs, with plenty
of scope to expand further.

Currently the business is run from Bashley in New Milton but is easily transferable to any location. The business has been completely modernised and now has a worldwide eCommerce bespoke website including stock control.


Sammy Miller Products requires passionate individuals ready to carry on flying the flag of products for the brand and develop and bring new products to the market.

Interested? Contact Richard Jordan on 01425 616446 or email richard@smproducts.co.uk

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