On the G80 trail

I’m looking for information on reworking a 1953 G80 Matchless to be more of a trail and greenlane capable machine.

What I’m looking at is the front and rear suspension improvements and a few things to make it slightly easier to ride. This won’t be a full-on trials project, just something to cope with riding on dirt roads.

The starting point has a few things done to it and has 19in rear and 21in front wheels, plus a high level exhaust system already.


I’m trying to improve the bike off-road but still keep close to original – if I want everything up to modern standard I’d just buy a new bike.

In place to be done are such things as folding footrests and sump plate to protect the underside. I picked up an original Amal T80/200 side pull twist grip at Kempton last time I was there – that’s on now with a new Monobloc carb and new cables.

Keith Seldon


Keith, that’s not a bad starting point. Sidepull throttle is a good thing to have on, if only to prevent snagging a throttle cable on a tree. Most of the other stuff is as you’ve found, reasonably commonsense stuff, these projects can take over and it is easy to shovel cash out the door fast. Tim

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