Okunagara Trial in Washigatake

What do you do with a ski slope when there’s no snow? How about a trial!

n 1973 five Japanese enthusiasts launched the Gujo Trial Club… and they have been organising trial meetings ever since. One of their number, Mr Kozakai, said trials meetings held at a ski ground in summer time used to be popular in Japan, especially during the Seventies, but it is rare nowadays.

Mr Doi on a HT5. This is the only HT5 used in trials in Japan. He used to enjoy vintage motocrosses with a Goldie scrambler.

This trial attracts around 160 people every year with more than 80% of the entrants on modern machines… but the classic twin shock enthusiasts are equally as welcome. For the classic guys, a pre-75 class was added from this year and 18 people entered, with six on British machines.

Summer (July-Sep) in Japan is very, very hot and humid so the conditions are very tough for both entrants and machines. The sections are set up on both sides of the ski ground and you need to climb up the steep hill.


Sometimes it is difficult to find a good parking spot, and to walk around the section is like climbing up a mountain while sweating like a waterfall. In addition, there is no tea hut where you can buy a cold drink, so you have to estimate and carry the drinks you need. If it is run out and you are dying for drinks, you have to walk back to the bottom and get your spare one.

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