King of the IT crowd

Put two off-roaders together and the first question is generally “what’ve you got on the go at the moment?” – often followed by “you’re doing a what?”. Occasionally it is “oh, one of those…” but more often it’s “you must be mad.” You choose which statement applies as we head into act six of the ‘King of the IT crowd.’

With a nice coat of aerosol black applied to the frame we can start hanging bits on it.
With a nice coat of aerosol black applied to the frame we can start hanging bits on it.

Progress has been pretty slow since last issue but there has been some and it’s all been on the lines of ‘now where does that bit fit on again?’. It is at such times the sketch, note or photograph proves invaluable and I don’t care how good your memory is, things will be forgotten. Luckily at the strip down stage regular photographer Gary Chapman was on hand to take lots of photos and film the whole procedure.

For the times when Gary wasn’t there my other half was on hand and is used to my ridiculous requests to photograph things and the incredulous exclamation ‘you want me to take a picture of you doing what?’ is heard less frequently these days.

It soon became apparent that several dry builds are going to be needed to make sure the bits all go back into the place they’re supposed to. Thankfully a technical hitch with the supply chain meant the engine wasn’t back together and I decided to leave it as bare cases while sorting out what spacer went here, which rubber bung went there and just what this bolt and that bolt held in place. With all pictures on a laptop they’re easily transportable and reference is the simple matter of pressing a button or two and then enlarging the image.

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