IT crowd

I see in the news last issue the IT465 is back on the go – you don’t say what the issues with the halt in proceedings were but we’re glad it’s sorted out, as the enduro world is looking forward to seeing you on it.

For such a short-lived production run the 465 gained many fans, even if it was a little hairy to ride at times.

Re-reading the previous features published on the start of the project your comment on ‘465itus’ raised a smile and at least you are aware of the condition and how it arises, whereas a lot of riders find out the hard way when it all becomes exciting.


It is probably best you’re working towards a running and working motorcycle rather than trying to produce a catalogue correct machine as there are many bits of the bike that are rare, if not actually unobtainable.

I doubt there are caches of spares tucked away in warehouses as there used to be with British stuff years ago, as the Japanese industry tapped into the ‘just in time’ computerised stores system very early on instead of the ‘wonder how many of these we’ll need’ system of the traditional industry.

Hope the project progresses quickly and we soon see you actually riding the beast in an enduro or three.


Alec Fraser

Thanks Alec, yes, the issues have been resolved and the project is back on track. As you say there’s lots of unobtanium to deal with but we keep asking and hoping. The ‘465itus’ surfaced when Rod Spry was asked if he could repair the frame and he described the problem over the phone without having seen a pic! He added a version of ‘they’re all like that sir’ too. At a recent enduro when I was Can-Am mounted there were several 465s and I was inspired into action. Tim

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