Issue 45

In balance

The opportunity to build a shed from scratch rather than inherit something built by someone else is a rare opportunity indeed.


News, views and reviews

Our regular look at what’s happening in the off-road world, events to go to, series updates.

Against the tide


By the mid Sixties the world had decided lightweight was the way forward… Hedlund thought otherwise.

Something special

The UK couldn’t quite leave the Triumph unit engine behind when
ISDT duty cropped up – meant a few superb chassis were devised though.


You need…

… a Drayton Triumph, we look at a winner first time out and get the spec from the rider.

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Dicko’s view

If only our other halves knew how much we almost spend at these shows we go to… oh, they know do they?

’cross words

Is it the fountain of youth at which Mr Berry has been sipping? No, just a view that youth isn’t a new thing… This is part two!

Dirt Talk

What are you talking about in the CDB world? All sorts of things as it happens, bring it on we say.

Moto memories

All eyes were on Mick Andrews’ rear end at the 1977 UK world round and Nick Nicholls caught it in action as it soaked up the bumps.


That was the year when…

… the ISDT squad was paraded in front of the press at Fenny Drayton. It was a well attended affair with the industry notables all over the place.

Bigger isn’t always better

With the current interest in smaller capacity bikes for pre-65 trials, we have a look at a rather special small capacity bike for twinshock trials.

An hour with…

… or actually ‘an hour in…’ for this issue, as it eventually dawned on the editor that a feature around the archive here at CDB Towers could be a good thing.

Bigger is better

In the search for MX success, more cubes will often help… CDB is invited along to the first running of a big-bore SWM.


Sporting world

We’ve been to our sponsored NBBC round in the North East and a twinshock MX in Chester… where have you been?

Fabulous Farleigh

CDB went to the Vets MXdN at Farleigh Castle in Wiltshire, torrential rain overnight made things interesting…


Dirt products

Got something to help the off-road world go faster, keep their feet up longer or remain more on time in an enduro? Tell us, we’ll put it in this bit.

Tech talk

All is never lost… there will be something out there to help when things wear out and replacements can’t be found… like gear change shafts for instance.


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