Help make centenary special

Few people in the off-road scene will have missed a simple fact… this year is the ISDT’s centenary, and to celebrate we’d like to invite as many team members – club, manufacturer or national – as we can along to the International Dirt Bike Show, which runs from October 31 to November 3 at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

Former ISDT teamster Arthur Browning organised a get together at Telford a few years ago and had repeated requests to do it again. Arthur was not so keen on organising such a gathering again and in his forthright way suggested we do it at the show.


This is for any era, modern, recent past and as far back as we can get… for instance Johnny Brittain is thought to be the oldest surviving ISDT Gold Medal winner, picking his up as a teenager in the 1949 Welsh event. What we’d like to know is which year(s) you rode, how you did and what you rode.

Naturally a medal of any sort can’t be won without a bike so, we’re looking for four or five ISDT machines to represent classic and modern in a dedicated display.

Contact CDB editor Tim Britton on 01507 529404 or or Glynis  Roberts on 01507 529431 if you want to come along or have an appropriate bike for display.

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