Gearing up for trials running

Gearing for the event makes all the difference

In the good old days, when all trials had long distances on the road, manufacturers included a wide ratio gear cluster for their comp bikes and Tiger Cubs were no different.

These days though, with small courses, most riders use a standard road cluster which gives a bit better spread of gears for sections but is hopeless on the road. Duncan MacDonald at Armac Design has available Tiger Cub trials gear assemblies, including a high top that is an exact replica of the factory original. The gears are as follows:


Low second – a 26 tooth spinning gear teamed with 19 tooth splined gear – means you can actually use second gear in sections… once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back to a standard second.

High top – 29 tooth sleeve gear teamed with 16 tooth spur gear, plus dedicated nut and bronze bush – gives a higher top speed, which eases strain on the engine, especially during road trials.

Gears are available as kit assemblies, or as individual components. Low second assembly is £135, high top assembly costs £145.


More details and pictures at or call Duncan on  01751 417371 with questions.

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