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Top tank

The dirt bike world is a tough one on the bikes – there was a theory around which went ‘dirt bikes do more in a season than road bikes do in a lifetime’ which can be believed.


Okay, so they’ve a hard life, but there are those who like to ride the vintage stuff and need parts… which is where VMX Racing comes in.

The team’s admirable goal is to keep vintage dirt bikes going by reproducing parts that are otherwise not available any more.

Latest addition to the range is a 1983 CR480 fuel tank. It was introduced because of high demand from owners who have struggled with the old original tanks leaking, therefore meaning the 1983 CR480 was sidelined in many cases.


VMX Racing tells us the tank is to the original size and shape and owners will be able to use original mounting hardware, petcock and gas cap.

VMX Racing also asks if there is any other part high in demand that is no longer available for Honda, Yamaha and Maico so please let them know and they’ll try to accommodate the needs of racers.

What is it?: It’s an OEM shape/size 1983 CR480 Fuel Tank.
What does it cost?: $295 plus delivery from the USA.
Where do I get one?: From VMX Racing at www.vmxracing.com


Phone in the USA: (1) 505 870 4807 Email: vmx@vmxracing.com

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