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Getting a handle on things

AJS Motorcycles – Stormer specialists – have reintroduced their ‘SPEEDLINE’ branded classic scrambles handlebar.

These are ‘bars which follow the classic shape used by scramblers in the classic period.

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Hand-made in the UK from premium quality steel and bronze welded to ensure maximum strength and resist cracking, the technical stuff is as follows: they are 7/8in diameter (22mm), 32½in wide (825mm), 5in high (127mm) and highly polished before chrome plating but there is a knurling on them where the clamps fit in the yokes at 3½in centres (89mm) which helps them grip and stay in position.

Typically they are as used on AJS’s own works bikes. AJS Motorcycles tell us they welcome trade and overseas inquiries too.

What are they? They are classic steel scrambles handlebars

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What’s the cost? Retail price £34.80 inc VAT

Where do I get ‘em? Available from AJS’s web shop:www.ajs-shop.co.uk or by telephone 01264 365 103 Overseas and Trade inquiries welcomed

Sticky gears

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Anyone familiar with BSA Bantam engines will know the gear change shaft runs through the centre of the kick-start shaft.

In use, especially with off-road engines, this can wear and cause gear-change issues.

BSA themselves modified this area on the very last models they produced – the B175 in 1970 – and the resultant part had more clearance.

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The part could retro-fit all previous models too and demand has outstripped supply says Alan Wright.

Now Alan has had manufactured a large batch of the big bore shafts.

Fitting is simplicity itself as the shaft is a push fit to install in D10 and D14 models with the only work required being to bore out the outer case cover to the bigger bore diameter.

He adds there are already plenty of people making big bore kick-starts, including Alan, so you can now upgrade the whole gear change operation.

What is it? Replacement kick-start shaft for BSA Bantams

What’s the cost? The new shaft costs £49.50 plus postage and packing

Where do I get it? Direct from Alan Wright on 01789 751422

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