Classy clothing

Get classy with O’Neil’s retro riding gear

Well, you could wander along to your local O’Neal stockist and check out its range of retro kit for 2012.

In the range are helmets, pants – ‘trousers’ to us older chaps or we will allow ‘race jeans’ – shirts and gloves, in two colour options in 1983 graphics – just as the world was getting radical in style and shrugging off the black and white look.


Made in the O’Neal Ultra Lite range, this kit will make you look as though you belong on a twinshock or Evo MXer… what happens after the flag drops is up to you though.

Getting your hands on the retro kit couldn’t be easier as O’Neal’s UK distributor – FLI Distribution – has an excellent website at where any orders placed will be passed directly to your nearest local dealer with stock.

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