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Ed speak
Our comfort zone.

In balance
Going outside the comfort zone pushed personal boundaries.


News and what’s on
Tell us what’s happening and we’ll tell the world, we’re like that you see.

All you need to know about making sure your copy of CDB drops on your doorstep regularly. If it doesn’t then make sure you tell us and we’ll sort it.

Honda CR250 on test Dirt products
Here we seek out as many products as we can to help your bike go better. Over to you dealers… what ya got?


Talking technical
Our Can-Am went… but before it did we put lights on it. This is how we did it, other bikes could benefit too.

Smith tales
More from the man who’s been there, seen it, done it, got the T-shirt… and the trophies… and the world championships.

An hour with…
…the American ISDT stars. There’s a lot of them and Norm Dewitt has the enviable task of corralling the lot into one feature.


Dirt talk
This is it, this is where you get to say what you think, are we doing it right? Are we doing it wrong, tell us here.

Moto memories
MotoCross says ‘glitzy glamour’. This, however, is ‘scrambling’ which suggests mud, more mud and, yes, even more mud.

Wright or wrong
Oh boy, does Wrighty stir it up! This time though he’s in agreement with the progress trials has just made… sanity returns to the feet-up world.


Hot Honda
There’s a lot of plastic bodywork on an Evo MXer, luckily Rad Fismistr is a plastics expert… he’s done a pretty god job of the rest of the bike too.

Original and unrestored
First in our occasional series of bikes that remained unrestored, such as this Francis-Barnett trials bike. This is how they were.

A matter of unfinished business
Development never really stops for a works rider and a little thing like the factory closing 30 years ago is a minor detail.

Can-AmHot Husky
Chris Montignani tells of a CR250 Husqvarna inspired by family connections.

You need…
…one of these in your shed. Maybe you don’t realise it, but you do! Drool over this JBR Honda.

Montesa Cappra
Sometimes a pic will arrive in the inbox and the comment “d’you like my bike?” accompanies it. Oh yes Simon, we do like your bike.

Some of the not so old ‘evo
Put a bunch of Evo bikes together with two of the top riders from the era and see what happens – this time the Mono Yamaha, arguably the very start of it all.

A world of sport
There’s off-road action all over the world of motorcycling, we try and fit in as much as we can here.

The Classic Dirt Bike Experience
Now a major part of our April and October shows, the experience has exhibits, talks and live action.

International Dirt Bike Show
Two days before the opening, this biggest off-road show in the world – probably – joined the Mortons group. See how it went.

A matter of exclusivity
Honda’s RTL250 was never a mainstream motorcycle but it was always desirable. It worked well too.

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