Cantilever Beezer

These days a monoshock or cantilever suspension system is considered ‘normal’, but in 1962 John Wilkinson must have caused a bit of a stir when he turned up at a scramble with this Goldie.

Cantilever Beezer
It’s pretty radical even now – in the 1960s it must have really caught the eye.
In the competition world the construction of a special used to be a reasonably common thing, the motivation for such a project being either not enough funds or dissatisfaction with the standard machine.

In the case of the former reason the result was often referred to as a ‘bitsa’, as in bits of this and that or whatever the builder could source for very little.


Often such machines were odd-looking creations depending on the ability of the builder and the available expertise.

However, when there was dissatisfaction with the standard product it usually meant the rider/owner was at the sharp end of the results and the production machine was found wanting. In this case some fine machines have resulted and become marques in their own right.

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