Break over

I have finally got round to getting myself a trials iron to hit the twinshock scene again after a 38-year hiatus from my last ride on my 1975 325 Bultaco.

I’ve bought myself a nice, easy bike to ride, an SWM 350 Jumbo – by all accounts they make a 340 Bult feel underpowered.

Once I got the thing I had a quick spin and it has some serious throttle response. There is a practice ground at Buxton, about an hour away, so a lot of visits are planned and will be needed I suspect.


The good thing is Hillsborough Motorcycle Club have their club meetings in a pub about a mile from my place and they do quite a lot of trials very close to me, including a Kia Twinshock round with a lot of routes such as an easy beginners’ route.

Once I’ve got the idea of how to ride a trials bike again I’ll give it a go. Might not make the Nostalgia next year, but definitely will be there sometime.

My brother John also has a 280 SWM so I might persuade him to go too.


I will do a lot more when I retire in two or three years’ time – I’m treating it as my retirement project really.

Geoff Rawlings

See Geoff, I warned you all those years ago when we were on the tools, this sport never leaves you. You can’t be cured, so you might as well embrace it. Tim


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