An off-road feast for all at Telford

Just in case you haven’t already got the date carved in stone or pinned to your workshop wall, the 2018 Hagon sponsored Classic Dirt Bike Show at Telford International Centre takes place on February 17/18.

Inside the three halls will be the best of the off-road scene, but of course what constitutes ‘the best’ will depend on where you view it from. For some it will be the pre-65 trials scene, others will loudly proclaim it’s the Super Evo MX class that everyone should aspire to. Still others will point out the fun to be had with a third wheel attached to the side… and that’s one of the best things about the show, it’s so diverse and you just know these bikes on display will be used properly, in the dirt.

If your winter rebuild is stalled for lack of a particular spare part, you can be sure you’ll find it on the trade stands or in the autojumble.


Even if your off-road project is stalled for, well, lack of an off-road project, then have no fear because there will be a project there waiting, with your name on it. Just be aware it might not be the project you think you want – CDB bumped into a lad at the 2017 show carrying the basis of a Husqvarna towards his van, his mate helping him grinned and told us when he’d come in he swore blind he was looking for a Yamaha…

At time of going to press there are a few things still to be confirmed for the 2018 show, but what we can tell you is that a line-up of factory BSAs is planned, including a couple of Jeff Smith bikes, a 500 B50 used by John Banks to win the 1971 British championship, plus a few more… so keep an eye on our Facebook page for further updates.

For trials fans, Sammy Miller is bringing two legends along – three if you include himself. First is his super special Ariel GOV 132 and complementing it is Gordon Jackson’s factory AJS registered 187 BLF, the one he did his famous one-dab win of the 1961 SSDT.


Visit and go to the ‘show tickets’ page or give our customer services team a call on 01507 529529.

Tickets for the Classic Dirt Bike Dinner will also be available at a cost of £33. See the website for more details. See you there…

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