A few pointers

As a seasoned IT owner and restorer/collector, (I’ve only been without an IT between the ages of 21 and 24, I’m now 53!), I can add a few pointers to the latest edition of your build in issue 51 of Classic Dirtbike.

The 1981 465 did not have a boost bottle but the 1981 250 did. Then, in 1982 both the 250 and 465 had boost bottles.

Your bike looks like it was ‘endo’d’ – or done a forward flip – as the subframe loop and rear fender look slightly curved down.


The sides of the subframe should be straight.

The sidestand bracket looks home-made which is why the sidestand has a poor closed position.

I have to say you will almost certainly never find a centrestand… but good luck if you try!


Looking at the alloy tank you have I’d say it is a 1981 tank and, as far as I can tell, from an IT125.

For reference I’ve sent a photo of my 1982 aloft in my den. NOS bodywork including 1981 tank.

I’ve had the 490 in the corner since 1991, the other is a UK 1980


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