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Classic Dirt Bike is all about motorcycles made for the rough stuff and those who ride them. It features news and reviews on everything from pre-65 to Twinshock and Evo in trials, scrambles, enduros and motocross. Off-road events from across the world are given full coverage and legendary riders are interviewed too.

It’s all illustrated with photographs of classic machines in action, both newly taken and from the extensive Mortons Archive. Workshop guides are part of the package and technical features offer advice on how to get the best out of a classic dirt bike.

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Winter 2016 – Issue 41
Current issue: Issue 41 – Next issue: Issue 42 – On sale: February 16, 2017

In the Winter 2016 issue…

In Balance
Getting a bike fit for purpose is a matter of steady development and none steadier than the editor’s Can-Am.cdb0410001

News, views and reviews
Our regular look at what’s happening in the off-road world, events to go to, series updates, perhaps a book or DVD or two.

Super Profiles
Take one stunning bike, do some in-depth research and write it all down here in our Super Profile bit. The first in a short series of four.

Something Special
Add the name ‘Cheney’ to a bike and it instantly becomes something pretty special. We heard of a Cheney Triumph due to be ridden in the Retro ISDE.

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Dicko’s view
More from the all-encompassing eye of one of the off-road world’s most senior journalists, always thought provoking, always interesting… what say you?

’cross words
On the track many riders had to follow Jeff Smith. New lad Ian Berry has the task of following him in print… an altogether different task.

Dirt Talk
What’re you talking about in the CDB world? All sorts of things as it happens, bring it on we say.

Moto memories
Success or heartache is but one small incident away as young Graham Noyce found out in 1976 and Nick Nicholls was there to record it.


Sporting world
Nick Haskell went to Farleigh Castle for the Vets, CDB went to Hawkstone Park for the Legends. Both events, in glorious colour, are in here.

Classic Dirt Bike Experience
Our area at Stafford County Showground has grown to be quite an attraction and, following hot on its wheels, our stand at the International Dirt Bike Show.


The winner
Our concours winner in the Dirt Bike Hall at the Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Show was a superb first generation Honda water cooler.

That was the year…
…that BSA and Ariel had the bright idea of gaining some publicity by having their two star men, Miller and Smith, ride up Ben Nevis on an Arrow and a C15.

Suzuki take it seriously
In order for development to begin there has to be something to develop. We look at a Suzuki which began the line of success for the company.

An hour…
…with Rob Edwards. Trials guru John Moffat caught up with Tees-sider Rob Edwards at the Scott Trial and had a chat with the former winner.

Gold Star
BSA’s Goldie and scrambling go together like a hand in a glove; though the later DBD model gets the glory, we look at a well-developed BB.


King of the IT crowd
Out of stock! Seems to be the cry this issue as our project Yamaha creeps forward to fruition. We’re at rolling chassis stage now!

Dirt Products
Got something to help the off-road world go faster, keep their feet up longer or remain more on time in an enduro? Tell us, we’ll put it in this bit.

Tech Talk
Old bikes and modern bits are always compatible but no area more so than the tyres. We check out an interesting development.


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