Rex’s expands to offer more services

By Dan Sharp, 6 March 2013

Motorcycle electronics specialist Rex’s Speed Shop has expanded the services it offers after acquiring new workshops...

The firm has bought new coil winding equipment and made improvements to its restoration facilities.

A spokesman for Rex’s said: “The winding equipment will enable us to speed up the turnaround times on generator rewinds and we have improved our restoration services for electronic components.

“Now we can offer more ‘reloaded’ products aimed at restorers who want to have 100% original parts on their bikes. As these come online we’ll keep you posted.

“We’ve also added some new CDi units to our catalogue and more will be introduced as they become available.

“We are really focused on Yamaha models but will be making new CDi units for Honda (XL) and Suzuki (SP370/GN400) machines once rigorous testing has been carried out.”

The first Rex’s Speed Shop ‘racing magneto’ for the DT360/400 75/76 models is in the final stages of testing.

“The electronics are thoroughly tested, we are checking the fit of our newly manufactured stator plate to actual bikes,” said the spokesman.

For more details and to find out what else Rex’s Speed Shop has to offer visit

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