19 November 2014
Over the years Tim Britton has had cause to consider all manner of tools and which might be fit for purpose; new ones, old ones, expensive ones, cheap ones, but never ones made of plywood... until now
20 August 2014
A flat tyre leaves Tim Britton musing over the pros and cons of the ‘throwaway society’ versus the ‘make do and mend’ ideology of years gone by
15 May 2014
Anniversaries happen all the time, on a daily basis really, someone or some group will have something to celebrate where they can say “it’s our first, fifth or 50th year since…”
20 February 2014
There I was, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I’m a Yamaha owner… again. I doubt I’m alone in wondering just how this happens, the number of bikes in the shed increases quietly seemingly without any effort from the shed owner...
21 November 2013
As I’m writing this the weather forecasters are telling us to brace ourselves for the worst storm for years
15 August 2013
We couldn’t have another summer like last year’s could we? Surely not when most of 2012 was cancelled due to the wet?
16 May 2013
Trials riding is quite a simple sport: there’s little fuss, little hassle, a nod or a wave of the scorecard by the observer, ease the front wheel into the section and you’re on trial
21 February 2013
Looking at it from below it’s quite a tight turn but not impossibly tight, not these days with the grippy tyres and feather light clutches on pre 65s...
15 November 2012
Off-roaders can get a bit obsessive where weight is concerned. Okay, lets get the obvious fact out of the way and say we know eating one less pie will reduce bike and rider total weight considerably...
16 August 2012
Having a good grounding should be a compliment for someone who displays skills in a trade or occupation and appears to know what they’re doing.

Current Issue: Issue 33, Winter 2014

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You know what to do...
• Robbie Allan 50/50
We headed to Lanarkshire for the memorial meeting in July to celebrate the sporting life of the Scottish enthusiast who succumbed to cancer last year
• Rebuilt to ride
A tale of determination over adversity from a lad not letting a little matter like the theft of his bikes stop him from racing
• Main Mann
If you want something special building, give the task to someone special. Dick Mann is that builder
• Coddenham Flyer
Sometimes old MX stars just fade away, other times they embrace life and continue on. Nick Haskell reviews the life and times of legend Dave Bickers
• Prettying a Pursang
There are those in the world who think ‘okay’ is not good enough. John Dickinson chats to just such a man, and takes a pic of his bike too

Issue 33, Winter 2014

Catch up on all that’s good in the off-road world...

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Tim Britton, Editor
Tim Britton, Editor

In the four years since Tim Britton gripped the editorial handlebars of Classic Dirt Bike,­ the premier publication for classic off-roaders, the off-road scene has grown exponentially to encompass bikes from Brit classics to Japanese Evos and all sorts in between.

The Geordie lad has been gripping off-road handlebars for real in trials, scrambles and enduros for nearly 40 years and has often been labelled 'enthusiast', occasionally labelled 'mad' and with a philosophy based around 'I don¹t have to be good, I just have to be there' has entered events all over the UK and had a whale of a time with a multi-tasking 650 Triumph, a Bultaco Sherpa and a BSA B40.

He is a living example that you should 'try the dirty side of motorcycling... it's fun'.

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